Tips for Staying Positive in August

two people holding hands while standing under a rainbow on a beach


Welcome back to The Estates Woodland Blog. Today we’re sharing a few tips to help you stay positive in August. Summer may be a season filled with adventures and positivity, but sometimes you still need an extra something to find happiness — also, the season is ending soon! Whether you’re inside or outside your apartment in Magnolia, Texas, we hope these tips will help.


Get Some Sun

Been sitting down all day? Stretching your legs by taking a walk is a good way to get your blood pumping. It may be just what you need! Open your windows more often or head outside to get some sun and boost your mood.


Treat Yourself

Indulge in your favorite dessert or visit your favorite restaurant in the area — just for you — sometime this month. Order something you normally wouldn’t or order all of your favorite dishes off of the menu. Go out with friends to a place you would normally visit only on a “special occasion.” Turn a stressful day this summer into a special occasion for some you-time to remind yourself that you deserve it.


Keep a Gratitude Calendar

Thanksgiving might not be for a while, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still remember what you’re grateful for. Keeping a gratitude calendar is a great way to appreciate what you’ve been given and all the things in your life that have brought you joy. Remembering these things is a great way to encourage your mind and emotions to relax and de-stress.



It can be easy to let your responsibilities overwhelm you. Take a break sometime this month with a good old-fashioned staycation. Take a day for yourself. Watch your favorite movies, draw up a warm bath, or order in from your favorite restaurant. Take some time to relax this month. It’s sure to make you feel much happier.

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