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Town Green Park

Tress in a park


Welcome back to The Estates Woodland Blog! To start off the month we’re focusing on Town Green Park, a community gathering place just 20-minutes away from our apartment community in Magnolia, Texas.


Here’s a little information about the park from the above website:


“Town Green Park is the 100th park to be constructed in The Woodlands and serves as a special community event gathering place. Various elements of the park set it apart from other Woodlands Parks, not the least of which being the dramatic entrance; two grand columns, nearly 19 feet tall, both topped with a stylized, five-foot pinecone, welcome visitors to what Town Center Improvement District and The Woodlands Development Company call The Woodlands Central Park.


“As visitors pass through the entrance to the Park, they are offered a clear view of 'The Great Lawn'. An immense, grass-covered area extending south to The Woodlands Waterway® creating a grand view and allows for a wide variety of summer activities. Just inside the entrance and extending along both sides, visitors are afforded several bench seats along the beautifully landscaped area. To the west, an area fenced by trellis is covered with flowering vines and a few small trees provides intermittent shade, while the east side features over 50 types of perennial vegetation and flourishes with the assorted flowers, trees and shrubs discreetly hiding the Cynthia Woods Pavilion perimeter pathways. Additionally, the eastern side offers children a labyrinth featuring oversized tablets with Aesop's Fables.”


The Town Green Park has the following amenities available:

  • Restrooms

  • Children’s literary labyrinth with life-size Aesop fables

  • Entertainment stage area with natural seating

  • Children’s amphitheater

  • A large, open field


Have you visited The Great Lawn at the Town Green Park? This stretch of grass is nearly two football fields long. It’s the perfect place to toss a ball, enjoy a fall picnic, or take a walk. “The Great Lawn stretches from the park’s entrance at the north end, all the way south, to The Woodlands Waterway where you can pick up the Water Taxi, The Market Street Trolley, or just walk along the scenic pathway. The pathway continues to the east alongside The Woodlands Pavilion, past the Waterway Marriott Hotel, the Goose's Acre, the colored light water fountains of Waterway Square Park and all the way around to The Woodlands Mall. A walk to the east along the pathway will (eventually) take you all the way to the recently developed East Shore District and Lake Woodlands.”


Take time to enjoy some of the festivities that are happening in the park during the month of October. We hope you have a great month!

Disclaimer: The Estates Woodland is not located in or part of The Woodlands® development. The Woodlands® is a registered trademark of The Woodlands Land Development Company, LP.